The golf course is located along the hills in the North of Koh Samui, lengthwise along the coast with its highest point at 290 meters and lowest point at 30 meters above sea level. It stretches across hilly terrain and slopes deeply down towards the ocean, boasting breathtaking views of the ocean and island. The hills above provide a serene backdrop. Waterfalls and creeks run through the land adding lush, natural beauty. This golf course is the first and only golf course on the island that is designed to meet international golf course standards. It fits in harmoniously with the rolling contour of the hills and blends perfectly with the beauty of the coconut mangroves and the surrounding nature. Its design concept has been envisioned as international, entertaining and intriguing – Truly one of the most beautiful golf course in the region.

Playing Rules

Please make reservations in advance.

- The number of golfer per group including non-golfer is maximum 5 persons per group (This is subject to change without prior notice).

- All Golfers must register at the Proshop at least 15 minutes before reserved tee off time.

- Estimated playing time for 18 holes is 4 hours 30 minutes.

- Please be as considerate to the group behind you as you would like the one in front to be you.

Usage Policy For Non-Player Guests

- Only caddie is allowed to operate a golf cart.

- The number of golfers per group including non-golfer is maximum 5 persons per group. (This is subject to change without prior notice).

- Children under 12 years of age are not allowed on the course.

Men & Ladies Dress Codes


Shirts with collar and sleeves are required.Slacks, golf shorts, or walking shorts are considered appropriate.


Shirts with collar and sleeves are considered appropriate.Slack, mid length shorts, or mid length skirt are considered appropriate.

Proper Footwear

Only soft spike or spike less golf shoes, are allowed on the golf course, practice green area, and driving range.Any footwear that damages the greens is strictly forbidden.

Not Allowed

Tank tops, T-Shirts, fishnet tops, halter-tops, bathing suits, sweats,athletic shorts,blue jeans or denim slacks or shorts.